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Freelance game programmer with a Bachelors of Science in Game Programming from Champlain College.

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"Excellent work, very helpful developer. He went the extra mile and provided a great result. Highly recommended."

"Felix showed a deep understanding of the C# programming language. He also displayed a quick mind in presenting programming solutions to to questions on the fly. If I need a C# developer, he is on my list as someone to engage."

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I'm a graduate of Champlain College with a Bachelors of Science in Game Programming. I enjoy programming any genre of games and making tools for game development. I also enjoy a wide variety of hobbies including character design/illustration, language learning and reading.


  • C ++, C#, GDScript

  • Unity 2D/3D, Godot 2D/3D

  • Visual Studio, VSCode

  • Git, Gitbash, Github, Github Desktop, Git Kraken

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Capcut

  • Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop

  • Teaching

How Do I Know What Engine To Use?

With so many engines to choose from it can be hard to know! Here's my advice:Unity: Very diverse engine and can handle basically anything. It dominates the mobile and indie game market. It has tons of resources making it easy to use in most cases. In most cases, I recommend Unity. It's free until you make $100k in a year, then it costs $2,040 a year per account needed.Godot: Up and coming engine that can already handle desktop games very well. It's great for 2D and can handle 3D, generally more cartoony styles. Not ideal for mobile as of writing this, especially 3D. It's multiplayer also isn't as developed as something like Unity so for multiplayer heavy games (MMO) that's something to take into account. It can be expensive to port to console with it's yearly fee. In terms of costs, it's completely free and doesn't take a cut of your games revenue at all.Unreal: Can be ideal for 3D games with STUNNING graphics. Not recommended for 2D with it's lack of 2D support. It's also really only meant for PCs and consoles, not mobile. No royalties have to be paid until you make $1,000,000 dollars.Gamemaker Studio 2: A decent engine for 2D games. If you don't want to use Unity for a 2D mobile game, then I'd recommend Gamemaker. It has built in support for Ads and IAPs (In-App Purchases). It can be limiting compared to other engines, but still a decent option. For reference, games like Undertale and Hyper Light Drifter was made with this engine. Supports consoles for a monthly/yearly fee, and desktop/mobile support is a one time license fee of $100.Frameworks (Pygame, Love2D, SDL, Raylib, Monogame etc.): Frameworks are generally completely free to use and allows for the most customization as you have access to all the source code. It can be useful if you're trying to make a very specific game that no other engine really fits your needs. More ideal for 2D games then 3D, but you can also do 3D with a framework. Often takes more time and costs more to develop.

What Is A GDD?

A GDD is known as a Game Design Document. It's like the bible to your game. If anyone has any questions or forgets something the GDD probably has it. It includes all the details about your game like your target demographic, UI, monetization and most importantly all your games mechanics. Here is a template I've made that you can use if you're interested.

How Much Does Making A Game Cost?

The cost of a games development will vary widely on the game. Things like the target platform, art style and complexity are all things that will change the price of a game. Especially things like multiplayer, as you often have to pay for a server if you want your game to work off of steam, or online databases to store players data to sync across devices (mostly for mobile).
For reference, my starting price is often around $5k - $10k. This includes just the programming and does not take into account the costs of art, design, audio, translations (if needed), store fees (Steam costs $100 per game, Google Play and Apple is $100 per year), engine fees etc. Things like your advertisement budget and having your own website if wanted are also areas you need to consider. Don't skimp on marketing, it's very important!

How Long Will My Game Take?

The development time of a game will vary widely on the game. Though for reference, a game I charge $10k to make often has a development time of about 3 months assuming the art is done. If art is still needed then that can often vary on the details, amount and artists schedule. 6 months to a year is often a good estimate for most games. If you're using game assets then that can speed up the process and simple mobile games often are much quicker.


Role: Tools/AI Programmer + Trailer Editor
Team Size: 16
Development Time: 4 months

+ QA (Testing) Tool+ Mannequin AI
+ Bug Fixing 

Warplight Wanderer

Role: Systems/Tools Programmer + Sound/UI Designer + Music Producer + Trailer Editor
Team Size: 7
Development Time: 2.5 months

+ Branching Dialogue Tool+ Stars & Sockets System
+ UI System+ Journal UI Layout & Concept
+ Level Music Track+ Create Journal UI Sounds

Chimera Hunt

Role: Systems Programmer
Team Size: Solo
Development Time: 1.5 months

+ Dialogue System+ Loading System
+ Follow System+ Bug Fixing
+ Mobile Optimization+ Adjust UI Layout

Flying Pegasus

Role: Lead Programmer
Team Size: Solo
Development Time: 2 weeks

+ Flying Controls+ Score System+ Object Spawn
+ Character Selection+ Wing Selection+ Trail Selection

VFX Autoclicker

Role: Lead Programmer
Team Size: Solo
Development Time: 7 days

+ Track amount of taps
+ Play different animations based on current phase

Shoot the Coin

Role: Lead Programmer
Team Size: Solo
Development Time: 7 days

+ Coin reacts to getting shot+ Gun rotates in direction of mouse/tap
+ Weapon select that adjusts ammo and fire rate+ Difficulty selection

Corpse Mountain

Role: Lead Programmer
Team Size: Solo
Development Time: 14 days

+ Dynamic Camera Zoom+ Scaled Enemy Spawner
+ Weapon Selection System+ Knockback/Stun System

Bomberman Clone

Role: Lead Programmer
Team Size: Solo
Development Time: 2 weeks

+ Bomb System+ Dual Character System
+ Loot System+ Enemy AI System

Your Forever Home

Role: Lead Programmer
Team Size: 5 (Prototype), 9 (Beta)
Development Time: 3 months

+ Player Movement+ Prototype Interact System
+ Prototype Camera System+ UI System

Untitled Toaster

Role: Lead Programmer
Team Size: 5
Development Time: 3 months

+ Player Movement+ Player Attack System
+ UI System+ Level System

Cooking Cultivation

Role: Lead Programmer
Team Size: Solo
Development Time: 2 weeks

+ Cut System+ Float System
+ Stir System+ Heat Fixing

Minos UUID Generator

Role: Creator
Engine Made In: Godot
Engine For: Godot

Minos Dialogue Manager

Role: Creator
Engine Made In: Godot
Engine For: Any

Minos Damage Numbers

Role: Creator
Engine Made In: Godot
Engine For: Godot

Sound Manager for Godot

Role: Contributor
Engine Made In: Godot
Engine For: Godot

Simple Multiplayer System

  • Create basic local lobby & randomly assign roles

  • Add basic player movement & following camera

  • If a certain role, add the ability to move a flashlight around

  • Different sides update accordingly

Rocket League Camera

  • Create a camera that works similar to rocket leagues camera, keeps the car and ball in view and makes sure the camera doesn't clip through the floor

  • Reduce jitteriness of ball

  • Implement a scoreboard that shows all the current players, what team they're on and the current score for each team

  • Update timer to appear as MM:SS format

  • Update lobby selection to show the lobby name as well as the IP

Crafting & Gathering

  • Get resources from destroying items

  • Get different items based on tool used

  • Crafting system

Drag And Drop Inventory

  • Multiple inventories

  • Item stacking

  • Interaction system

  • Interaction icon popup

  • Drag and drop support

  • Gun reload

Rust Build System

  • Wheel UI

  • Snaps in place

  • Supports triangle floors and half walls

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"does good work, extremely helpful with the questions/advice given to me"

"works great, yet another feature to add to my game."

"Excellent work, very helpful developer. He went the extra mile and provided a great result. Highly recommended."

"Felix was consistently available to answer any and all questions I had. He was able to take the ideas I had and implement them asap. I plan on working with Felix again in the future, whenever Felix is available"

"Felix was extremely communicative and was able to make a great prototype for me 👍🏽"

"Felix showed a deep understanding of the C# programming language. He also displayed a quick mind in presenting programming solutions to to questions on the fly. If I need a C# developer, he is on my list as someone to engage."

"Felix is a good communicator and listener. His comments and insights were thoughtful and creative."

"Felix was amazing - my son enjoyed going through the lessons and learning how to begin building a simple game in Unity."

"Felix not only built a fantastic site for me, he also created a tutorial so I could continue to update it on my own. I highly recommend freelance felix."

"I searched FIVERR for someone who could creatively work with mixed media, and help me wrangle video files, text and images into one simple site. I am so glad I found Felix! He is skilled, very intuitive and responsive. He re-organized and streamlined my online video portfolio to make it slick, professional and easy to navigate. I could not be happier with the service he provided and I highly recommend him for any company or corporate website, but also specifically for CREATIVE/ VIDEO/ FILM/ PRINT/ ANIMATION/ GAME DEVELOPMENT online portfolios."

"Felix was great! A professional with great communication skills, he went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my game. I would definitely work with Felix again and hope that I do."

"Very easy to work with and responsive. Would definitely highly recommend!"

"Absolutely fantastic, did a job worth 5x the price he charged. An absolute legend."

"fast and effective edit , video down from hour to few minutes just as I needed :D"

"Felix was great and super easy and flexible to work with. He understood my vision and executed perfectly"

"Delivered what I wanted. Will use again."

"I highly recommend Felix for clean-up/redesign of your website. Great communicator and redesigned my site as I requested."

"second time buying and second time satisfied. delivered quickly and exactly as had hoped for :)"

"Very diligent individual who not only provided a service beyond expectations, he then delivered the final project after receiving alot of very specific changes and details which differed from the original brief. Outstanding contribution."

"Very good at what he does, he seems to have a very wide range of knowledge. Great communication and fast responses. 10/10 would recommend."

"For my first fiverr purchase I didn't really know what to expect with the whole freelance thing. I Went in hoping for a 40 minute clip to be made shorter : 5 mins or so. I got that, sure, but I also came out genuinely laughing aloud at my own, relatively tame commentary/jokes - partially because of level the editing surpassed expectations! It genuinely caught me off guard. Between the high quality product and the great communication (despite the UK-US time difference) this is definitely a service I'll proudly promote and credit in the uploaded product! It pays to pay! Dont buy into the false perception that the cheapest seller is a good idea just because it looks like they can do the $5"

"Felix knows Squarespace very well and is very accommodating. He did a great job with my website and worked very fast."

"Felix is extremely responsive and a great listener. He followed my requests and made me feel confident again with my portfolio! He is very efficient and kind in his work."

"Wonderful experience, nice to talk to!"

"Felix was very courteous and a pleasure to work with."

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Note that Godot is not recommended for mobile, especially 3D.